Who are Raw Jelly and why do we do this?


What makes Raw Jelly different from other Career Development companies?

Our coaches still work within Blue Chip companies; this means that we know exactly what companies are looking for NOW, not 10 or 20 years ago. Many companies use coaches that left career development roles many years ago whereas our coaches are still on the front line of recruitment, training and development – giving you the edge over your competitors.

Raw Jelly evolved from our shared passion for helping others achieve their goals and as a company we take a holistic approach to personal improvement and development. This means we recognise that everyone is unique and by enabling you to gain a greater understanding of your true, authentic self, we can better facilitate a process of sustainable personal improvement.

Raw Jelly will put you on the path to a successful career and lasting confidence when the pressure is on, such as at interviews.

To provide great coaching you need great coaches. We all have many years’ experience working in Training and Development, Human Resources and Recruitment roles across a variety of industries for leading companies including Liberty Global (Virgin Media), Tesco, Asos, Lloyds TSB, Virgin, Hudson Global Resources and Royal Mail.

Simply put, our coaches have extensive experience in recruiting and training both professionals and graduates in big businesses and it is this industry know-how that will set you apart from your competition.


RobRead more about me!

So, tell us a little about yourself….

Married with an adorable 2 year old daughter, I live in Hertfordshire and spend my days working in Learning and Development for a global business and my evenings and weekends delivering workshops which I truly believe help to change peoples’ lives.

Have you got any quick tips for achieving a successful career?

Love what you do, make sure your chosen career is playing to your strengths and always ask yourself if you continue on your current path will you reach you fulfil your dreams? We all have a calling in life so learn to listen to your intuition and remember you are never too old to change direction.

What experience have you got to offer us?

A business Graduate with over 10 years’ experience working in Human Resources and specialising in Training, Talent and Recruitment. I am an accredited Training Manager, Strengthscope TM facilitator and a career coach with extensive experience recruiting Graduates and seasoned professionals whilst working for large businesses.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Singing karaoke when I’ve had too much to drink. We all have our faults…

NeilRead more about me!

So, tell us a little about yourself….

I live in Amsterdam spending my days working in Learning and Development for a global business with a European remit. My evenings and weekends are spent helping people be more happy and focused on what they are going to do with their future.

Have you got any quick tips for achieving a successful career?

Be inquisitive and if you don’t yet know what your goals are, give things a go as this will broaden your experience. At the very least you will find out what you don’t like doing which is just as helpful. Build yourself a great network of people around you as people really do come in handy. Finally, always look to genuinely help others – I truly believe if you help other people you will get this in return.

What experience have you got to offer us?

I’m a businesses graduate with over 10 years’ experience working in a range of commercial organisations and sectors. A background in Human Resources I have focused in recent years on Talent and Leadership Development. I’m skilled in a number of instruments to help people understand themselves better and an accredited coach with Lane 4.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Well I have three. Chocolate. Girls Aloud and Gin.

AntonyRead more about me!

So, tell us a little about yourself….

Originally from Gloucester, my career took me to London where I have lived for the past couple of years. I’ve always wanted to own my own company, something I achieved at 25 and having spent a number of years growing my business, I sold it on and co-founded Raw Jelly. I’ll probably be your first point of contact at Raw Jelly as I am in charge of the Operations side of the business.

Have you got any quick tips for achieving a successful career?

If you don’t know what you really want you won’t know how to get there and could end up settling for what you can get. All businesses set clear goals and form strategies and plans to achieve those goals and your career is no different. Always make sure that what you’re doing is taking you in the right direction and be wary of working your way up the wrong career ladder!

What experience have you got to offer us?

I Graduated in Business Studies and joined a company which manufactured products for retailers. After a few years I set up my own Manufacturing business and steadily grew it, until I was able to sell it and move on with my career journey. Having achieved many of my career goals and extensively recruited for my business I found I was often asked for tips on career advice. The passion I got from coaching and advising together with my commercial acumen led me to co-found Raw Jelly and I am immensely proud of all the clients we’ve helped.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

I am a sucker for fancy dress – any opportunity I get I’m there!



Our three divisions and the services we offer


Raw Jelly serves three distinct groups of people and as such we’ve developed our courses and training to perfectly meet the needs of each:


For people working across all industries seeking inspiration to change direction, help with Personal Development or simply support to find a new job.



For STUDENTS who would like support before entering the market place or who simply don’t know what career path to take or GRADUATES (recent or otherwise) who are not getting best value from their degree and need support to kick-start their careers.



Our Business to Business service where we provide Learning and Development solutions to a wide range of organisations, from start up and SME’s to blue chip organisations.


We facilitate our products through our three unique delivery methods:


Our most comprehensive service aimed to guide those of you who would like in-depth support to help progress your career and achieve your goals. Our Programmes are either run across series of 2 hour modules or on an intensive day or weekend. You receive a complimentary workbook, career guide and 10 page analysis of your personal Strengths and Weaknesses (from the pre-Programme psychometric test you’ll complete). Our Programmes provide great value for money and we’re very proud of the positive and life changing impact our Raw Jelly customers have reported.




Our most personal service which provides you with the benefit of 1 to 1 coaching across a number of topics (this could be a practice interview, personal career building, impact or related to a specific issue or target you want to achieve). Our coaching could be a single session or a set of sessions to reach an agreed goal. As this service is entirely tailored to your needs please call our office for more detail on how we can support. You will receive discounts on coaching if you have attended a Programme or Workshop.




A great option if you’d rather focus on a specific topic (eg. Your Career, Interview Excellence, Strengths for Success) than undertake a Programme or want to keep cost to a minumum. We began these workshops after feedback from customers who wanted to tailor the support they received. If you would like to enrol on a Programme after attending then you receive a FULL REFUND on the price paid for the Workshop.



When you combine this extensive industry experience with our energy and shared passion for helping others achieve their goals, you get innovative and inspiring workshops and coaching which has a lasting impact on your personal and professional development.
Call us now on 020 7112 8336, email info@rawjelly.co.uk or Skype us at Raw_Jelly


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